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All activities listed are FREE on the dates and times noted. Many events require advance reservations.  All dates, artists and venues subject to change. Please check organization’s website or call directly to confirm reservation information, seating availability or specific details. For directions call the presenting organization or visit

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Author’s Readings

The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, patriarch of America’s greatest political dynasty, is widely remembered as an indomitable, elusive, fatally flawed figure. In The Patriarch, David Nasaw, the renowned biographer of Andrew Carnegie and William Randolph Hearst, reveals a man far more complicated than the popular portrait. Drawing on never-before-published materials on three continents, Nasaw examines those parts of Joseph Kennedy’s life that have long been shrouded in rumor and prejudice. David Nasaw is the Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Professor of History at the Graduate Center for the City University of New York.
Wed Oct 2, 6:30pm
Central Library, Poe Room

Film Screening and Conversation with John Hunter and Chris Farina
In World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, filmmaker Chris Farina tells how John Hunter created the “World Peace Game” for his students in Charlottesville, Virginia. The game teaches conflict resolution and collective problem-solving and transforms students from a neighborhood public school to citizens of the world. The film premiered at South by Southwest in 2010. John Hunter’s book, World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, was published earlier this year. After the screening, award-winning teacher John Hunter and filmmaker Chris Farina will discuss World Peace – the game, the book, the film – and take questions from the audience.
Thurs Oct 3, 7pm
Central Library, Wheeler Auditorium

Charles Belfoure The Paris Architect
Like most gentiles in Nazi-occupied Paris, architect Lucien Bernard has little empathy for the Jews. So when a wealthy industrialist offers him a large sum of money to devise secret hiding places for Jews, Lucien struggles with the choice of risking his life for a cause he doesn’t really believe in. Ultimately he can’t resist the challenge and begins designing expertly concealed hiding spaces, one of which fails horribly and the suffering of Jews becomes incredibly personal. Charles Belfoure is an architect who lives in Maryland.
Tues Oct 8 6pm
Reisterstown Road Branch

Jana Kopelentova Rehak Czech Political Prisoners: Recovering Face
Men and women disappeared, were arrested, imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, put on trial, convicted, and sentenced to forced labor camps in Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1989. Czech Political Prisoners is the story of men and women who survived Czechoslovakian concentration camps under the Communist regime. Dr. Rehak is an assistant professor of anthropology at Loyola University Maryland and an affiliate faculty at Towson University.
Tues October 8 6:30pm
Central Library, Poe Room

Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish Rescue: How a French Priest Together with Jewish Friends Saved Thousands during the Holocaust
Historian Susan Zuccotti tells the story of Père Marie-Benoît, a courageous French Capuchin priest who risked everything to hide Jews in France and Italy during the Holocaust. From monasteries first in Marseille and later in Rome, Père Marie Benoit worked with Jewish co-conspirators to build remarkably effective Jewish-Christian rescue networks.
Wed Oct 9, 7pm
Central Library, Wheeler Auditorium

Bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk talks about his new book, Doomed, the sequel in the Damned trilogy – plus other entertainments. Baltimore is the ONLY East Coast stop for Palahniuk’s Doomed tour. To reserve a seat, buy a signed copy of Doomed online for $25: For additional information: call 410-396-5494. Doors will open for reserved general seating at 6 p.m. Some free seating will be available at the rear of the main hall and in Wheeler Auditorium.
Fri Oct 11 7pm
Central Library, Main Hall

Carl Hart - High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society
Dr. Carl Hart shares his story of growing up in one of Miami’s toughest neighborhoods and how it led him to his groundbreaking work in drug addiction. As a youth, Carl Hart studied just enough to stay on the basketball team. At the same time, he was immersed in street life. Today he is a cutting edge neuroscientist – Columbia University’s first tenured African American professor in the sciences – whose landmark, controversial research is redefining our understanding of addiction. Dr. Hart is associate professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Columbia University. He is also a research scientist in the Division of Substance Abuse at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Presented in partnership with the University of Maryland School of Social Work

Wed Oct 16 6:30pm
Central Library, Wheeler Auditorium

Gail Barrett Fatal Exposure
Award-winning romantic suspense author Gail Barrett tells the story of cold-case detective Parker McCall who has spent 15 years trying to solve his brother’s murder. Former teenaged runaway, reclusive award-winning photojournalist B. K. (Brynn) Elliot chronicles the harsh reality of life on the streets, until a photo in the paper reveals her identity, blowing the lid off her secret past. With a powerful murderer now dogging her heels and her police officer stepfather determined to silence her permanently, the last person she can afford to trust is a cop. Will sexy Parker McCall betray her or heal her shattered heart? This first in the “Buried Secrets” trilogy features some scenes set in the Pratt’s Central Library.
Thurs Oct 17 6:30pm
Central Library, Poe Room

Michael Olesker Front Stoops in the Fifties: Baltimore Legends Come of Age
Front Stoops in the Fifties tells the story of some of Baltimore’s most famous icons from the “decade of conformity,” including Jerry Leiber, Nancy Pelosi, Thurgood Marshall, and Barry Levinson. Michael Olesker marks the end of the fifties with the assassination of President Kennedy. Focusing on the period leading up to this major turning point in U.S. history, he looks to the individuals living through this period, Baltimoreans who would later come to prominence in the Sixties. A Baltimore Sun columnist for 25 years, Michael Olesker is the author of five previous books.
Mon Oct 21 7pm
Central Library, Wheeler Auditorium

“Pop Culture and Social Change: Soul Train, Black College Football, and Their Part in the Civil Rights Struggle,” Presented by Erica Blount Danois and Samuel G. Freedman
Ericka Blount Danois is the author of Love, Peace, and Soul: Behind the Scenes of America’s Favorite Dance Show SOUL TRAIN: Classic Moments. A graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, she teaches at the Philip Merrill School of Journalism at the University of Maryland. Samuel G. Freedman is the author of Breaking the Line: The Season in Black College Football That Transformed the Sport and Changed the Course of Civil Rights. He tells the story of the battle for the 1967 black-college championship between Grambling College and Florida A&M, their legendary coaches, and their talented quarterbacks. Samuel Freedman is a columnist for the New York Times, professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and the author of six books.
Tues Oct 22 6:30pm
Central Library, Wheeler Auditorium

George Davis The Melting Points: A Spy Novel
The author of the Vietnam War novel, Coming Home, later a Jane Fonda Academy Award-winning film, George Davis returns with a new spy novel involving three young American women vacationing in the Caribbean, the ex-Marine colonel turned CIA agent sent to tail them, and his backup, a female covert operative desperate to be redeemed from a killer past. Spies from several countries suspect the young vacationers of having a disc with secrets vital to national security, but do they? George Davis is the author of Black Life in Corporate America; he teaches at the Newark campus of Rutgers University.
Wed October 23 6pm
Northwood Branch

Lin Hart Reginald F. Lewis Before TLC Beatrice
Reginald F. Lewis became the CEO of a billion dollar conglomerate, TLC Beatrice, while in his mid-forties. What prepared him for his role as one of the world’s most respected executives? Lin Hart grew up with Lewis in Baltimore and roomed with him at Virginia State University. Focusing on the ten years between 1956 and 1966, Hart draws on shared experiences and memories to tell Lewis’ story: his will to succeed, his supreme confidence, and his unrelenting pursuit to move beyond the ordinary to become extraordinary.
Wed Oct 23 6:30pm
Central Library, Wheeler Auditorium

Simon Winchester The Men Who United the States: America’s Explorers, Inventors, Eccentrics and Mavericks, and the Creation of One Nation, Indivisible
Bestselling author Simon Winchester chronicles how our disparate union of states came together as the American nation that exists today. The Men Who United the States follows the footsteps of America’s most essential explorers, thinkers, and innovators, such as Lewis and Clark, the builders of the first transcontinental telegraph, and the civil engineer behind the interstate highway system. Simon Winchester is the author of many books including The Professor and the Madman, The Man Who Loved China, A Crack in the Edge of the World, and Krakatoa.
Thurs October 24 6:30pm
Central Library, Poe Room

Chris Matthews Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked
As Tip O’Neill’s former chief of staff, Chris Matthews is uniquely qualified to write this firsthand, one-of-a-kind story of the friendship between President Reagan and the Speaker of the House. They were the political odd couple – the two most powerful men in the country, who, Matthews says, “couldn’t be more different or more the same.” Their philosophies were miles apart, yet there was common ground and a mutual respect both political and personal. Matthews brings this unlikely friendship to life and shows how bipartisan cooperation can work. Chris Matthews is the host of MSNBC’s Hardball. He is the author of six bestselling books, including Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.
Fri Oct 25 7:30pm
Central Library, Main Hall

Leslie J. Sherrod Without Faith
Sienna St. James is more than a sharp-witted social worker: she’s a sleuth, a scorned wife, a sista on a mission. She’s also a problem solver who keeps getting pulled into life-and-death mysteries that only complicate her already complex life. With a headstrong teenage son and a missing, estranged husband, Sienna has to figure out her priorities: her own love and loss or the quirks and confusion of her clients. A Baltimore native, Leslie Sherrod is a social worker and the author of the novels Losing Hope, Secret Place, and Like Sheep Gone Astray.
Sat Oct 26 3pm
Orleans Street Branch

Advance reservations are not required.

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2nd Annual Moon Madness: A Night for Lunatics, Lunarians & Luna Lovers

The Baltimore Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association & the Village Learning Place are proud to present our 2nd Annual Moon Madness: A Night for Lunatics, Lunarians & Luna Lovers. The evening begins with a brief writing prompt, using The Moon as our Muse, followed by an open mic. Please bring your Luna inspired work to share. We will offer refreshments, prizes and tarot readings. Best of all, this event is FREE.

ALSO: Authors are encouraged to bring locally (Baltimore-Washington Area) published books to donate to the VLP’s still growing Small Press section.

Mon Oct 7 7pm – 9pm

Village Learning Place – 2521 St. Paul Street

Advance reservations are not required.

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Free State Review Reading

The Ivy Bookshop hosts a reading from the Free State Review featuring Julia Wendell, Nikia Leopold and Elizabeth Spires. The Free State Review is an Annapolis-based literary journal appearing twice-yearly in print. Its focus is place and experience, engagement and grace.

Thurs Oct 3 7pm

The Ivy Bookshop - 6080 Falls Road

No advance reservations are necessary

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October Town Square Open Mic

Town Square is a monthly series falling on the third Sunday of each month at 4pm at Minas Gallery & Boutique. Open Mic preceding featured performers, all genres & arts welcome. October's reading features two writers from Ohio, Christopher Bowen of Burning River Press and one of his authors, poet Jane Rosenberg LaForge. Added bonus! Poet Alan W. King will be reading from his book, Drift.

Sun Oct 20 4 – 6pm

Minas Gallery & Boutique – 815 West 36th Street

Advance reservations are not required. For bookings or reading info, please email

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An Evening of Dead Baltimore Authors

A reading of short excerpts of work by some of Baltimore’s most famous authors: Poe, Mencken, Baker, Nash, Stein, Deford, Fitzgerald, and others.

Thurs Oct 10 7:30pm

Wright Theatre University of Baltimore Student Center – Maryland and Mt. Royal Avenues

Advance reservations are not required.

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